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Why Immigration Portal?

We provide you with all the immigration services you need for moving to Australia or Canada. The immigration process is a great way to start a new life in your dream country. It can be difficult, but it is worth it in the end. We celebrate your journey with you by providing you with information that is meaningful, timely, and relevant.

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Group of Corporate Professionals, Academics, and Registered Migration consultants. 

A global company with destination support through  offices in 3 continents

Dedicated team for each destination and personalized support

High Success Rate and Quick File Processing Time

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We make your Immigration dream come true with our support

We have partnered with government-approved immigration consultants who have many years of experience. These consultants will provide a personalized service to all our clients. Our process of counseling and efficient file processing helps increase the chances of getting your immigration dream approved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a migration Agent to Apply for my visa?

No. You can apply for an Australian visa on your own. However, there are frequent changes to immigration legislation throughout the year, and a registered migration agent like the ones at Immi Visa is required to give you credible and up-to-date immigration advice.

Why choose an immigration lawyer when I can do it myself?

You may be wondering if you need an immigration lawyer or consultant after deciding to hire one. After all, you may know individuals who have been able to obtain their visas without the assistance of an immigration attorney or counselor. You may have heard stories about people submitting forms, paying the required fees, and getting their visas issued.
You may have also heard of instances where intrepid adventurers have gone it alone only to discover that their visa application was denied. Our position on applying for a visa without the assistance of legal counsel is that it’s a risk that isn’t worth taking. While it is true that you can handle simple immigration situations on your own, the fact remains that you are playing a significant risk.
Immigration laws are constantly changing and are very complex. You may have a general understanding of what it takes to apply for a visa, but unless you are an experienced immigration lawyer, you will be unaware of all the factors that might affect your application. You should be aware that there are many other factors to consider beyond your skills and education when applying for a visa. If you apply on your own and obtain a visa, you may still create complications that will affect your status long after the visa has been approved. This is usually the result. What seems like a successful visa application may end up being the exact opposite.

What are your Legal Fees?

Immigration cases are always given a fixed cost in advance. Immigration matters are priced on a flat fee rather than an hourly basis, so there is no “accrual.” This way, you’ll know exactly how much your case will cost ahead of time, without any unpleasant surprises! We’ll also cover any additional accounting disbursement costs and, if applicable, government application fees. VPG lawyer’s charges are quite reasonable. Because VPG attorneys limit their practice to immigration law, they are able to take on a wide range of issues while keeping rates low and regular without sacrificing quality.

What is an EOI?

An EOI is not a visa application; it is an indication that you would like to be considered for a skilled visa. You will be asked to provide a range of information in your EOI depending on the visa(s) you want to be considered for. An expression of Interest (EOI) is not a visa application and doesn’t give you a bridging visa.
Once you have completed your EOI, you will receive a notification from SkillSelect. Your EOI will be stored in SkillSelect and is valid for up to two years. Once you have completed your EOI, you will receive a notification from SkillSelect. Your EOI will be stored in SkillSelect and is valid for two years.

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